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Photography for me was encouraged by my family at an early age, my father and grandfather were very keen amateur photographers, my very first camera was a Halina Simplette, it took the then popular 126 sized film, back in those early days all my photo's were taken on Black & white film, then I was given a 110 camera, but I was very disappointed with it, and only put a couple of films through it, even 6 x 4 prints were very grainy, strange, but I still have that camera up in the loft ... I then moved on to my first 35mm camera, a Yashica MC Electro, a cracking little camera that did me proud for many years,and taught me a lot about photography, and again I still have that camera, my very first 35mm SLR was another Yashica, this time a TL Electro.

When I turned Professional in 1985 I started out using Pentax 35mm cameras, I also purchased  a new Mamiya C330s as I needed a 6x6 cm camera for magazine work, and kept the Pentax camera for other work, but the Pentax camera's  really couldn't keep up with being used professionally, and needed constant repairs, that's when I moved over to Nikon,buying a used Nikon F2 Photomic and a slightly battered Nikkormat FT2 as a back up body., the Nikon's never let me down, today I'm using Nikons latest Z cameras and lenses, namely the Z5 and Z7ii, my go to lens is the 14-30f4 S lens.


Over the years I have worked for and had photographs published in Canal & Riverboat & Waterways World magazines, Farmers Weekly, Truck Model World magazine, Tamiya International magazine, Classic Car Weekly, Time Magazine and Cosmopolitan.

To Purchase a license for any of my photographs on this site, please visit Getty Images or Alamy, the links which you can find on my Homepage

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